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on January 24, 2020

At Dijjle we believe in affordable software and enjoy sharing the ability to help creators and web developers around the world to publish and distribute great content.

We are striving to do our part to the future of a better society by making the world’s best GPL-licensed, Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins, and WooCommerce Extensions & Themes available for everyone!

Study, modify, share, and use the WordPress items available at Dijjle to create something great.  Make a professional blog to share your content and views with the world, an e-commerce shop to start an online business, or a social network for your school or community to bring people together… it’s up to you!

What are WordPress and the GPL?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL featuring a plugin architecture and a template system.

In recent years WordPress has become the dominating blogging and content management system powering Internet websites.  Just how dominating?  WordPress powers 35% of the internet in 2020, an increase of 2% compared to early 2019 and a 4% rise from the previous year.  If you count only the CMS-built sites, then about 60% of them are WordPress.  Over 400 million people visit WordPress sites each month.  That’s a lot!

“WordPress is Free and Open source software, built by a distributed community of mostly volunteer developers from around the world.  WordPress comes with some awesome, worldview-changing rights courtesy of its license the GPL.” (WordPress Codex).

The General Public License (GPL) declares WordPress as Free Software and grants the program’s users these four essential freedoms:


Freedom 0

You have the freedom to run the program, for any purpose.

Freedom 1

You have access to the source code, the freedom to study how the program works, and the freedom to change it to make it do what you wish.

Freedom 2

You have the freedom to redistribute copies of the original program so you can help your neighbor.

Freedom 3

You have the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to
others.  By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to
benefit from your changes.

The WordPress Core is freely available for download at http://wordpress.org as well as several thousand WordPress Themes (from the Official WordPress Theme Directory) and tens of thousands WordPress Plugins (from the Official WordPress Plugin Directory).

What are we doing?

Unfortunately not all WordPress Plugins and Themes are released for free download.

Some of the most popular WordPress item have become essential for almost any WordPress website and are only available as “Premium WordPress Plugins” or “Premium WordPress Themes” from the developers’
sites coupled with paid support licenses.

The costs for purchasing support licenses to maintain a single WordPress Website with numerous “Premium WordPress Plugins” and “Premium WordPress Themes” can easily add up to a couple of thousand dollars per year, even when users actually do not need any support.

At Dijjle we felt that releasing “Premium WordPress Plugins” and “Premium WordPress Themes” only to people who purchase support licenses constrains the dissemination of GPL-licensed software.  So we decided to break up these expensive packages by providing the exact code available from the developers for download at Dijjle.

That’s why we set up Dijjle as a member site – legally sharing hundreds, and soon thousands, of Premium GPL-licensed WordPress items with our members.  This gives all of our members access to the code they actually need by removing the developer’s support they are otherwise forced to pay for.

What’s in it for me?

In short: At Dijjle you can download the WordPress Products coded by developers such as WooThemes, iThemes, Gravity Forms, Obox Themes, WPML, WPMU DEV, Elmastudio, Graph Paper Press, AppThemes, Elegant Themes and others but without the developer’s support.

Your Dijjle membership gives you access to a wide range of Premium WordPress Items that would otherwise require you to purchase support licenses priced at tens of thousands of dollars USD.  Future updates and even new additions to the Dijjle repository are included in your membership.

But that’s just the beginning.  We are not only constantly growing the lineup we have on offer for our members, but also plan on other great features that will make it easier for our members to set up a fully featured Premium WordPress site with minimal effort.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, there is one “caveat”:  If you are a WordPress newbie requiring permanent first-hand support from the
developers, you should definitely consider buying from the original author since we cannot offer any support, besides our (limited) FAQ and WordPress Tutorials at Dijjle. On the other hand, if you know your way around you can essentially get all you need from Dijjle and save a huge amount of cash.

Any Questions, comments or suggestions?

If you have any questions about Dijjle, please have a look at our FAQ Page and do not hesitate to contact us

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